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Nail Art Trends in 2020

It is 2019, the year full of trends & style where women are exploring this glamorous industry of makeup, hairstyle, skincare as well as Nails that are making their way to this trendy lifestyle. Whether they are classic red nails, American French Nail Tips or some glitter bold nails, we believe the trendiest of all in the nail art industry is been experimented time and again. Nail art is trending this year as the choices for all the age group has increased, right from nudes and neutral gel colors to full adornment Swarovski nails, Chrome nails, Jelly nails, Glass effect nails, 3D nails, Aqua Ink Nails and Bubble Nails that are glowing with time.
We all are aware of the rapid changes that happen in the fashion industry, due to which nails have become one of the important factors of grooming as well as the style statement for everyone. In the initial years grooming nails was a subject of choice or as an occasional service that would need to be done as and when required. But nowadays as nails are becoming a trend people are coming up with a change in their lifestyle too where it is no more occasional it has become a part of their daily lifestyle. People find it amusing and mesmerizing to have attractive nail art done on their nails and that’s the main reason why people get their nails done irrespective of the price.
The nail art designs such as spider gel nail art and acrylic nail art are the ones that require maximum delicacy which is why when they are applied on nails they look fantastic in their way and that gives a ground to the trend to take in a new style.  Nail art is indeed done with a lot of time and effort as that is seen through one’s nails. The glass effect gel looks as naturalistic as that of glass on one’s nails and it gets trendier with just one glance. Acrylic nail art consists of a large amount of patience, creativity, and mind-boggling patterns and designs and that makes it modish.
According to Forever nail inspo, “The queen of over-the-top nail designs does it again! Kylie went full-on 1999, showing off nude coffin nails with a rhinestone heart, Selena Gomez is making the over-the-top jelly nails trend look totally wearable with this chic navy mani. The see-through design makes them feel super edgy, while the midnight hue keeps the vibe low-key”. (Editors, October 3, 2019) You could check them out too
When popular celebrities as such make nail art so popular, the trend rises again and again.
Nail art is trending with its trendy manicure designs and its peculiarity as well as because of its uniqueness that make the nail art lover excited as a new nail art comes up.

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