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GLAM Nail Brush...


USP: For long life of Nail brushes, Easy to use.

Weight: 120 ml

GLAM Water Decals Stickers - 01


Available Patterns: 01

GLAM Nail Thinner


USP: Thins the thickened polish, Provides smooth consistency, Easy to use.

Weight: 30 ml

GLAM Nail For Display...


USP: Used to display nail art designs, Smooth surface, Made up of high-quality plastic 

Unit: 36 pcs

GLAM Manicure Mold


USP: For extensions, Easy to use, Gives perfect shape and size.

Unit: 1 pc

GLAM Cuticle Guard


Glam Cuticle Guard is an easy cleanup solution for messy nail art and to keep skin and cuticles clean and protected by minor damages. It can be applied while sticking fake nails or while doing extensions or applying nail paint or gel polish and in nail art specially while doing creative nail art like water marbling. It protects your skin from stamping, gradient and marbling messes, making cleanup a breeze. Or use it as a stretchy, flexible peel-off base coat, for those chunky glitter bombs. It’s also fantastic for switchers who need to remove polish quickly without the use of acetone between photo shots. It is very easy to use, just apply, let dry and peel off! It’s fun to use too. The cuticle guard saves time and dries quickly. No harmful chemicals are involved in the formula which would lead to any reaction on your nails and skin. The quantity of Cuticle Guard is 10ml. Suitable for everyone.

GLAM Transparent...


USP : For stamping, Clean stamping effect, Easy to use.

Unit : 1 pc

GLAM Tip Cutter


USP: Sharp blade, Collect tipsCuts in 3 shape.

Unit: 1 pc

GLAM Pro Tip Cutter


USP: Sharp blade, Collect tips, Guide size.

Unit: 1 pc

GLAM Nail Glue


USP: Quick dry, Odourless, Stays long.

Weight: 5 ml

GLAM Foil Paper...


USP: For nail art, Easy to use, Supports UV/LED lamp 

Piece:  12 Pcs

GLAM French Manicure...


USP : To create French lines, Easy to use, Supports UV/LED lamp  .

Unit : 1 pc