French Manicure Nail Art

Nail Art Designs For Long Nails And Short Nails

Acrylic nail extensions are fantastic and as well as Gel nails are pretty gorgeous. We adore squoval, oval, and even coffin nails. We adore 3D nails, Ombre nails, neon nails, and nail art design in general. But if the previous year and a half have taught us anything about nails, it’s that those who love nails can choose to have short or long nails. Both nail types are quite attractive.

It can be tempting to get a manicure occasionally given the variety of nail styles available, but most people prefer to wait for their nails to grow. Ladies, you’re not required to do that any longer. Whether it’s long or short, show it out! We’ve compiled a list of gorgeous nail art design  that works with all nail lengths. Make an appointment for nails and start enjoying some nail drama!

Long Nails

Mylar Nail Art - Glam Nails
Ultra Glitter Gel Nail Art - Glam Nails
Painting Gel Nail Art - Glam Nails
Spider Gel Nail Art - Glam Nails
Printing Foil Nail Art - Glam Nails

Short Nails

Foil Paper Nail Art - Glam Nails
Foil Paper with Ultra Glitter Nail Art - Glam Nails
3d Powder Nail Art - Glam Nails
Mylar Nail Art - Glam Nails
Animal Print Nail Art - Glam Nails

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